Introduction to Coffee - 14/03/2020

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14th March | 10:30 - 12:30

This course is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about what goes into your daily cup of coffee. Rather than focusing on the brew method or techniques, on this course we focus on what goes into making coffee the drink we love and enjoy each day - from origin level and processing types as well as covering how to cup (taste) coffee and identify cup profile, flavour notes and aromas.

On this course we will explore the bean's journey (from cherry to cup) and cover processing techniques and discover which elements in the coffee chain impart and have impact on flavour and aroma. This will be done through both practical exercises and offer a sensory experience to equip you with the knowledge and understanding to better appreciate speciality coffee and when buying coffee in the future.

We’ll start the session with a quick meet and great over a coffee and a light snack (included in the price), followed by a short cupping (a coffee tasting), where you’ll get to try a variety of different coffees from various origins and discover just how diverse the flavours and aromas can be.

Classes sizes are typically 6-8 max and taught in an informal way in our dedicated school area at the Afan Coffee Co HQ in Swansea. These sessions last approximately 2 hours (sometimes more).

You’ll leave with a complementary bag of freshly roasted, speciality Afan Coffee to explore at home and a 20% discount on any equipment you’d like to purchase at the time to enable you perfect your brews at home!