Brew at Home Masterclass - 06/03/2020

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6th March | 19:00 - 21:00

This course is a fantastic choice for anyone who enjoys making coffee at home and wants to take their daily cup to the next level or anyone who wants to explore alternative ways to brew delicious coffee at home.

On this course we will explore a series of manual coffee brewing methods (all low cost, accessible bits of kit) and how best to use them.

We’ll start the session with a short cupping (a coffee tasting), where you’ll get to try a variety of different coffees from various origins and discover just how diverse the flavours and aromas can be.

And then, following some basic theory and learning about; water temperature, extraction time, grind size and any factors which affect the final product, we’ll get stuck in to some hands-on practical. We will play around with methods including Aeropress, French press/cafetière and a variety of drip coffees (V60/Chemex/Kalita), and of course some tasting to understanding the differences between each one and the impact of changing variables and techniques.

Classes sizes are typically 6-8 max and taught in an informal way in our dedicated school area at the Afan Coffee Co HQ in Swansea. These sessions last approximately 2 hours (sometimes more).

You’ll leave with a complementary bag of freshly roasted, speciality Afan Coffee to explore at home and a 20% discount on any equipment you’d like to purchase at the time to enable you perfect your brews at home!