Wilfa Silver Coffee Grinder

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FREE 250g bag of coffee included with all electric grinders!

With the Wilfa Silver grinder, you can choose precisely how to grind your coffee: from French press, pour over, mocha-pot and Aeropress. The Wilfa Silver coffee grinder is a an excellent and affordable electric coffee grinder.

This affordable home grinder is a fantastic product! Perfect for home users who want make great coffee using a filter or immersion brew method. It is great value for money but sturdy enough to keep you brewing for years to come.

- Approved by European Coffee Brewing Center,
- Easy adjustable grinding setting,
- Timer,
- Perfect amount of coffee each time,
- Developed with Tim Wendelboe,
- Detachable parts for easy cleaning,
- UV protection in bean container.

Note: It is more suited to immersion and filter brew methods as it doesn't achieve fine enough grinds for espresso.